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                                           Barbara Kerford is an Albuquerque-based SAG-AFTRA actor and audiobook narrator with a home studio. 

Barbara’s acting background includes graduating from the Second City Conservatory in LA and studying with Lesly Kahn, Warner Loughlin, Annie Grindlay, Stan Kirsh Studios, The Groundlings, and UCB. Her television credits include New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Days of Our Lives, and Interrogation. Barbara’s most recent theater credits include Sheree in Dixie Swim Club, Rosemary in Picnic, and Suzanne in Don’t Dress for Dinner. 

While Barbara loves narrating all genres she is especially passionate about mysteries, enticing the listener with the warmth of her voice; romance infusing a story with smokiness; and sci-fi, creating worlds that allow her to play with a wide variety of characters and personalities.

 Barbara’s great-grandmother is German novelist Ina Seidel, her grandfather was the foremost expert in his time on Goethe, and her mother’s very first job out of business school was as an accountant for a German publishing house, so it’s no wonder she loves being surrounded by books and stories.

Outside of the acting/audiobook world, Barbara is also an avid DIYer, making her an excellent choice for non-fiction titles dealing with home improvement and renovation. Over the pandemic, she dug a 9x13 3-foot deep sunken seating area in her backyard and wonders if she should add hole digging to her resume! She also owns an aura photography business through which she talks about things like auras, chakras, past lives, meditations, and angels daily, so books on spirituality are right in her sweet spot. An adventurer at heart, Barbara loves a road trip! To date, the longest time she has spent on the road was 3 months which led to her decision to pursue acting and move to Los Angeles. A more recent cross-country trek brought her to her new home in New Mexico.

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